drinks shots in the air

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wow wow class dinner was a real major change from all the boring lets-go-swensens-cos-i-gotta-get-home-early-to-mug.

first of all, we went to some cool ass restaurant-bar at Armenian street, called Timbre. haha joel the happening alcoholic suggested it!



Timbre is some open air restaurant-bar with live bands coming on every night, including EIC, who sang the really awesome rendition of Jason Mraz’s The Remedy and whom also now have a single on radio called ‘Falalala’ or smt like that.

we ordered pizza to share and the guys had a main course on their own, which was bloody humongous. the pizza there is the BEST cos the crust is totally invisible. there are more ingredients than bread, unlike cheapo Canadian pizza and even thick crusted pizzas of Pizza Hut. we had buffalo wing pizza and to that, ronald was like ‘wow, i’ve never eaten buffalo meat before’


poor kenny was struggling to finish his immense portion of fries and chicken. his appetite has diminished a great deal in army. ronald, on the other hand, spent 15 minutes enjoying his meal wordlessly, only to open his mouth to ask for a serving of pizza.


then joel the alcoholic, and a generous one at that, decided to buy us drinks!!! so first we ordered long island tea in a jug. and ronald insisted that he was a good boy and good boys dont drink alcohol. so kenny, renard and joel became bad boys for the night.

good boys drink water


half expected kenny to start hiccuping and giggling drunkenly after his first sip but surprisingly, he remained very much sober for the rest of the night. renard even suggested that we should all go clubbing at MOS or drinking at the Clinic next time. hahaha someone obviously has a wild side that we never knew about.

joel still didnt have enough of his daily dose of alcohol, so he later offered to buy us a round of a Kamikaze shots. hahaha it was so frightening when it came (yes i’m a noob) because it was 2 rows of 6 shots balanced on a test-tube rack. then i was trying to keep my cocktail straw so i can slowly sip on the shot but the waiter cleared it away :/

frightening shot glass rack

wah then renard dared all of us to drink it in one gulp. lol ronald said whoever who puts down an empty glass last has to pay all of the GST -easy for him to say, he was abstaining from alcohol the whole night.

well but when we finally got it over and done with, it wasn’t sooo bad because the lime masked the alcohol taste really well. wouldn’t have mind drinking up the rest of the shots (: but was afraid that i might not be able to go home conscious after that.

had another after that and another cos i lost some silly game. haha but i am still sober yay i am not noob!

so much fun, must do it again soon! especially with joel asking whether a hamster lays eggs, and ronald telling us about the funny sex noises he hears at night in the NUS single dorm rooms.



that picture look bloody strange and pixelated such that melinda has brown eyes and i have a botoxed red lip.


yes cassy, you really shouldnt have pang-sehed us.


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