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anybody wants to adopt DWARF HAMSTERS??


bloody scar face (the one crouching down to clean itself) has once again, impregnated one of its female relatives (either sister or daughter) and has managed to produce a spanking brood of 5 this time around. bloody potent bastard.

so to protect the poor kids from their lecherous father, please do adopt them? they are really cute i promise!

they are very low maintenance creatures who are only ever willing to climb onto your palm when they know that its feeding time. otherwise, they spend half their lives sleeping and biting the cage bars.

it doesn’t cost much as well. all you need is a good cage- i recommend Habitrail cos their cages are expandable and the least messy cos the hamster wont be able to kick bedding out of the bars. those only cost about $30 without the extensions. of course if you go heartlanders pet shops then sure can bargain to $25 la. i got mine for $26 i think.

hamster food costs about $6 and can last you up to 3 months for 1 hamster, depending on how much the fellow stuff its face with.

my hamster doesnt really drink water, so i change its water bottle every 3 days, or not at all for a week. haha damn mean right, but it manages to pee anyway from all the broccoli that it eats.

yea broccoli only costs like $2 for the premium cold storage kind and even cheaper for like sheng siong kind. so really, damn low maintenance!!

bedding and sand should be pretty alright as well. but cannot stinge cos your hamster will end up getting infections and yellowed fur cos of sleeping on its pee ): then the fur will fall off )): it happened to amber before but i check her everyday and so far so good.

oh i know they look gross, but they will grow up to be very cute!! so long as you learn how to sex them properly, you wont find yourself catching them humping each other and impregnating their sisters, mothers or daughters.

well anywayyyy, if you are interested in one (and i recommend just keeping one or 2 of the same sex, unless you want a hamster zoo in your house), tell me!!!


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