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i am very sad. i bought a white smocked F21 dress online last Wednesday on the assumption that, like all responsible online buyers, this one would be just as efficient in her email replies and mailing out of the paid item.

1. she took almost 1 whole day to email me the invoice. and this comes from someone who lists her terms and conditions so strictly, stating that you shouldn’t comment if you aren’t going to reply her emails. taking such a bloody long time to send an invoice is not tolerable, especially if you just posted your selling entry just a couple of hours ago before i inquired about the dress. ok i shall give her that bit of credit for replying me when i asked if it was sheer, then when i asked for the invoice, she totally went MIA for a long time.

being rather annoyed, i emailed her again and asked whether she was still going to send me an invoice or not. then she replied 5 minutes later with a ‘chill man!! i just came online! i’ll email you payment details soon’

if you are going to post a selling post, you are definitely going to have to anticipate people inquiring about it for at least 24 hours from the time that the entry is posted. so if you are not free to reply, then don’t sell!

2. she took 1 day to confirm payment

actually she didn’t even officially confirm payment. most sellers confirm payment with a simple ‘payment received, parcel will be mailed out (when)’ within 2 hours of your email stating payment details.

this joker emailed me the NEXT DAY after i emailed her payment details to say that she’ll check her account and mail the thing to me the day after. so i imagined that she’d email me again to let me know when exactly she mailed it out. but she didnt.

3. now the mail is still bloody not here after 1 week of her posting it last thurs evening after 5pm. i know very well that usually, thurs mail is totally screwed up cos they get mixed with the backlog of friday and the weekend mail. but the last time i got my thurs mail on tuesday of the week after that.

but its thursday already!!!!

i emailed her on tuesday and she told me she had sent it out on thurs evening so i should get it by this week. but i didnt, so i emailed again and as usual, she’s taking bloody centuries to reply. is she like some elusive ISA spy or something who never gets time to access her email account?

boo hoooo plus this the most expensive thing i’ve ever bought online. $35 okay!! even though i bet the dress would cost alot cheaper if i had gotten it from a F21 spree cos the seller conveniently forgot to answer my question about whether $35 was cheaper than the retailing price in singapore. then yesterday i went to see the retailing price of another F21 chiffon dress she was selling at $33. basket F21 also sell for $33. means like online is probably selling for only $10.50 USD.

i never saw the importance of paying extra for registered mail until now. but singpost has been very reliable with normal mail until now. i have a slight idea about where to go for help if the mail is really lost. but singpost might not want to help me as much cos i didnt pay extra for registered.

or worse comes worse, it might not actually be a fault of singpost, but that the seller is actually a scammer and never even mailed out the dress! haha i hope it never comes to that but well, i cant help but wonder, since she’s already been one of the worst sellers i’ve ever encountered.

please let my dress come soon! i promise i wont online shop anymore! (for the time being at least)

hate the feeling of waking up from dreams that are so good, and alot of the time, they are about the weekends )):

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