but your eyes are in a straight stare

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my neighbour called me at 7.55 last night and asked me to go over to tuition her son JC1 maths, graphing techniques.

in 10 minutes, i jumped out of my pjs into something more decent, grabbed all my mouldy lecture notes, tutorials and my GC and ran 2 floors up.

for 2 and a half hours, i helped him finish his graphing techniques tutorial (hold on, didnt we finish that topic somewhere around april? lol) and earned $50 in cash for the night. not as much as what a prostitute can earn in that same amount of time, but who cares, its such easy money!

luckily bits and pieces of graphing techniques are still safely residing in the back alley of my memory. though i was very exasperated with him because he was too lazy to write down proper working or to draw a proper readable graph. and when he made mistakes with a pencil, he’d use his sweaty fingers to erase it. haha wth i thought only primary school kids who were saving their erasers for eraser wars did that!

but he’s also another pretty smart kid who doesnt really need much explanations. he just needs to stop spelling asymptote as asymtope when the right spelling of the word is staring right back at him from his tutorial question.

ahh im so stressed just figuring out what a whole bunch of acronyms like CORS and GEM means. its even more stressful trying to pick topics that i have absolutely no interest in just so i can meet NUS requirements for a WHOLESOME education. im going to end up taking subjects that i have no use for, just like a whole 2 years wasted on H1 econs.

i really want to take forensic science!! so cool, its like learning how to be a CSI. could really do without the autopsy part though. haha but im just afraid that i’ll faint from the stench of dead bodies and not be able to sleep at night. wont take it now though cos lectures are at night :S

and i want to learn KOREAN!! sa-rang-heiiiii!!! maybe ill become fluent in it, go to korea and get world class plastic surgery, then go out with RAIN :DDD

and i most definitely want to take the reproductive health module conducted by Obs & Gyn of NUH, cos its the closest i can get to being a gynae of obstetrician without having to cut someone’s you-know-wheres up.

just roughly 6 more days left at work. im beginning to savour the long train rides and my aching joints from being sardine-packed with a thousand other working adults.


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