the desperate youth

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my boss was sharing over lunch, about how she met her husband at the then popular Sparks, some cool disco at the 7th floor of taka that was damn happening in the late ninties. haha i havent even heard of it.

lol it was such a cliche meeting in which they were all smoking in separate groups of friends at the carpark, and he had asked their mutual friend to ask her for her number. and she nearly didnt want to give it because she thought he was the fat guy in that group of guys in the corner.

it was even funnier because the way she recounted all her dates with him, it seemed like all they ever went to was Sparks. lol

anyway i was on the way home at the underpass to united square, when i saw this studious scholarly-like RJ couple holding hands in their uniform and strolling along. at first, they looked completely innocent, maybe just going a little over the edge of the 6 demerit point line, but everything changed once they went onto the escalator.

i guess they must’ve decided that because i was the only person on the one-man width escalator, though just 2 escalator steps away from them, it was completely private to do as they wished.

so nerdy RJ boy, being 1 escalator step shorter than his girlfriend, conveniently slides his arm underneath nerdy RJ girl’s flared and severely shortered green skirt to touch her. and when i first saw it, i thought my eyes were playing nasty tricks on me.

but he did it 2 MORE TIMES

both times the girl squirmed away, but only in the way that one would if you were suddenly molested. and then the both of them would laugh about it like he had just told her an innocent joke about cations and anions.

looks like some people have been taking biology practical lessons a bit too seriously.

unfortunately, they were completely oblivious to my death stares. i actually managed to widen my eyes in genuine shock for 5 full seconds when his hand was lecherously violating her modesty, and both of them didnt seem to notice it.

i feel sorry for her, because she doesnt respect herself enough to make sure that he respects her. i sure hope he becomes impotent and dependent on viagra because of his lewd sexual fantasies and excessive um, playing with himself.

what an asshole, seriously.

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