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no idea why the palawan bridge was closed for a long time. i remember the last time i went there was in sec one and we were laughing at a couple who was suspiciously engaging in vigorous underwater activities.



lol we found a spot on a small island across the palawan bridge and ate calbee potato chips and 2 boxes of durian. lol durian at the beach, really odd combination but tasted damn good anyway.

haha watched some guy rub sunscreen onto his gf’s small skinny frame for a very very long time. then as she lay down and started tanning, he retreated to a shady spot underneath the tree 2 metres away and read the papers. lol

saw a bunch of banglas blow up their own cheap boat float, and started paddling it around with their own canoe paddles hahaha. someone even brought a lifejacket. unfortunately, he bought it in the kids size, and had to ask his friends to help him squeeze into the small turquoise jacket. then the whole bunch of them carried the boat into the sea and took turns to paddle around hahaha.


have a tan now FINALLY! was tired of convincing myself that being fair skinned is pretty- well maybe for others it is. but being tanned also helps to hide the horrible pimples and blemishes better.

ah curse the weekend, it was all over in a flash.


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