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secretely, seriously, want to go for singfest

but i have no money and no generous boyfriend to sponser my ticket. therefore i shall be bitterly reading melinda’s blog for pictures of the $200 night.

then again, there will always be another Singfest, and when im rich and less in tuned with current music trends, i will finally be able to afford to go and mingle with a generation of youngsters who, perhaps, still use Simple Plan songs to describe their misunderstood and miserable youth.

ee maybe like all the members of Simple Plan would be balding, and Click Five would have performed in Singapore like for the thousandth time and changed their lead singer 5 times.

was too lazy to even try winning free tickets on 987fm.

hee hee meanwhile, topshop is having this awesome end season sale, where members get 10% additional off sale items, and 15% off non sale items. hee hee hee (((: look like thats where my unspent Singfest $200 will go to.



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