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went on official eat-snake* today to collect a cake for my boss’s birthday.

*haha i learnt the stupid cheena hokkien phrase, ‘jiat zua’ (directly translated to ‘eat-snake’) which means ‘slacking on the job’ from my cheena colleagues.

cab fare was entirely paid and my task was to locate a rather famous heartland cake shop at Bedok North Street 4, collect the 2kg cake, and cab back. haha damn good life right.

anyway i want to talk about the cake shop, Choc-a-Bloc.

its supposedly damn famous, but snotty as well. they brag about how “customers are encouraged to take a seat and take one’s time to place an order”, but when i entered the shop, all they had was a dingy and dark front counter (due to all the newspaper articles and photos with celebs pasted on the glass doors and obscuring all the sunlight) but absolutely no comfortable lounge chairs and magazine racks unlike Awfully Chocolate.

my colleague recounted that they are also so snotty that they wont sell you single slices of cake. instead, you have to buy at least 800g or 1kg depending on the flavour in order to sample it. lol try going in with a whole fake crew of camera men and microphones, claiming to be doing some filmming for a popular local food programme, and see whether or not they are crawling at your feet to serve you with sample slices of their cake.

well back to my colleague’s story, so she bought the entire cake to share with a couple others. then she asked if they could spare them small boxes to separate the cut slices of cake. and then the cashier was like ‘ya, 10 cents’

bloody stingy can! you earn like minimum $30 for a 800g simple chocolate fudge cake, and you cant even spare 30 cents worth of boxes.

and omg they charge a whopping $18 for deliveries!! i spent $12.20 in total for cab fare from eunos. really not worth it.

i asked the woman for 2 large candles and 8 small ones, and her eyes widened so fast and large that i was quite worried her eyeballs would fall into the thick fudge cake.

she checked the order form and ask, “you all asked for 1 big candle what

wah lao candle also want to stinge. so i bo pian “okay lor
then in one swift motion, she whipped out a zip-loc bag, and slipped one SMALL candle and its holder into it, and shoved it hurridly into the cake box. wtf she think i blind or what.

oh well but i pretended not to see because i didnt want to spoil her day by arguing over the subjective perspective of how big a big candle should be.

and the cake?
okay only laaa

maybe its slightly better than awfully chocolate because its more creamy than spongy, but nah not worth it in terms of price. anyhow the other cakes look good, so maybe if you live in the east side or are rich enough to throw away $18 for delivery charges, you can check out their website. really not that bad la, if you try not to imagine that they are calculating and snotty.

freaky how im suddenly smelling chocolate all around me when i click on the website.


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