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i woke up this morning feeling entirely confused because of a very bad dream.

i dreamt that we (cassy, mel and i) were somehow, having a lightbulbing dinner with oliver. and then, while waiting for the food, he suddenly began making gurgling noises with his throat, and then stuck his fingers inside to pull out a MOTHER HUGE pice of jade the size of HIS fricking palm!!!

then i was like WTF! while the rest of the table watched him as if they all had similar mother huge pieces of foreign material wedged in their throats.

and then oliver explain that it was for good luck haha! and has kept him safe and sound throughout army so far. but i was thinking, dont they have small jade pendants that you hang around your neck for that?

then i asked whether if he were to have kids (loL!!), would he make them swallow jade pieces as well. then he said ‘ya’ in a very matter-of-fact way, like i just asked if he were going to teach his kids how to swim next time.

with that, he proceeded to stuff the MOTHER HUGE jade back into his mouth and swallowed it.

very disturbing indeed.
saw something just as disturbing on the train yesterday.

i was reading Gossip Girl when i suddenly noticed that there were these 2 women being more friendly than normal friends would ever be. A was patting B’s hip, and then gradually moving down to her butt, and staying there for the longest time. B looked like she was enjoying it but kept squirming because i guess it must’ve felt ticklish. and they were playing this ‘can you tolerate my itchy butt-patting’ game all the way until they alighted at dhoby gaut. oh gross.

cant beat the couple on the train again (isnt it strange that the train is by far the most unprivate area to pda in?), on another occasion, in which the guy was moving his hands from the voluminous layers of fat on his girlfriend’s thigh, to her crotch.



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