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while i was walking on the stone pavements in the OCS grounds to the tower, it occured to me that the place seems oddly familiar. and then i realised that i’ve been here before! hahaha i went there for some army exhibition thing in sec 4.

we got to play with heavy rifle guns in some CS-like war game, that i totally sucked at cos i kept getting shot, wearing camo attire only without the horrid face paint. haha and then we also got to ride in a tank with handsome army boys 🙂

but coming back to family day, it started off with our arrival at the Golf wing, and the officer made an annoucement over the PA system for matin to come down. haha like prison like that. ‘scofield, you have a visitor. scofield, you have a visitor’

then we walked round the place, visited the canteen, the pathetic balcony garden, and his bunk. haha funny that they made sure that all the computers were switched on so , i guess, that parents will be happy to know that their sons have some sort of leisure time in there. but we all know what a lie that is lol.

during the redundant lecture, some ditzy mother asked whether there was any form of rules to prevent the boys from ‘playing computer’ until 4am in the morning, thus not getting enough rest.

would have snorted loudly if not for the fact that the theatre was so silent.

the weather was so hot, i felt so sorry for all of them in the hot green uniform. cant imagine having to pespire in that. so gross, and smelly. i was already panting like hell after climbing up rows and rows of stairs all over the place. there were stairs to the auditorium, stairs to the bunks, stairs to the canteen, stairs to the frigging toilet. i think by the time you climb up and down and lose so much water, you wont even feel like going to the toilet anymore.

lol the tower had a brilliant view though. first, we had to queue to get into the lift (no more stairs please) to get the top. up there, we were given roughly 5 minutes to take pictures, and then squish back into the lift (smaller than the ones in hdb sia) to the ground floor.


bloody ant infested ground. wish i had boots.

the parade square

glare of the sun plus annoying wind blowing at my fringe = ugly picture

i was (shamefully) expecting a big family day feast, but they only gave us finger food that was left in the hot sun. the swiss rolls were all melted while the samosa and fishballs didnt look one bit appetizing. so i drank their disgustingly sweet milo and went home for lunch ):

i saw a couple of classmates from secondary school as well. haha i was stoning and trudging along when jaclyn waved in my face and did her signature ‘YO!!’ lol

i guess it wasnt so bad la. but most of the time i was silent and hoping to be unintrusive to their family bonding time. which was why i wished they had proper food, so that i could have something to do with my hands and mouth haha.


miss you boy! but just a bit more to go (:

anw here are pictures from ytd. not very nice ones because cassy always takes awhile to get over her camera shyness. and we just didnt camwhore long enough for her to start participating actively in it haha.

haha looks like army cap right!!! totally thought she stole oliver’s cap to look sexy or something.







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