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just finished watching Its a Boy Girl Thing. haha i know its only just started screening in Singapore, and in Cathay Cineplexes only, 2 years after its actual US release in 2006. so confirm if you pay $10 to watch it, you’d be missing alot of scenes cos the film has already been thoroughly undressed by the board of censors, pun intended.

and Samaire Armstrong is in it! she’s so so pretty and her features are so symmetrical that she looks darn awesome in anything! she could have like dark hair and look so posh upper east side Blair-ish, like this:

Samaire Armstrong

or go blonde with a short crop, like in the OC and annoy me to the core when she seduces Seth away from Summer, though still remaining just as spunky and gorgeous as she is.

Samaire Armstrong

or be absolutely stunning and delicate with long (platinum, is it?) blonde hair, in manner of cate blanchett at the oscars

Samaire Armstrong

or hahahah, the last of which, resorting to skanky pictures to boost one’s career. something rotund britney spears will never ever be able to turn to even at her lowest point.

Samaire Armstrong

ew just heard my brother teasing a mysterious girl over the phone and ‘a word that starts with K’, and something tells me that its not Ku-ji (tickle)

its finally the weekend and at least i have something to do over the course of the next 2 days! so i dont feel so bummed out.

it was so boring at work today and my boss felt it too, so she spend the entire day emailing me links for Spree shopping websites. and i have been influenced to catch on to the taiwanese fashion. and what a great way to bring out the ah lian side in me, by getting my first taiwan spree item! haha okay la the models actually make it look sexy, so im going to give the oversized off-shoulder top a shot!

so cheap! with postage and shipping, it only works up to about $16.50, and the stuff gets delivered within a month! luckily i still detest things with too much chiffon (makes ironing a bitch), ruffles (dont wanna look like a 15th century male royalty), or too many buttons (i have always had a deep dislike for clothes with buttons, they give me a very icky feeling), so im not going to be blowing all my money away on sprees for now.

gonna dye my hair next week! trying to find a nice colour of brown and maybe add some highlights to it. think i will just show hairdresser a picture of the colour i want, instead of describing it by its name, because the last time i did it, i walked out of the salon with pretty much unchanged black hair. and so had to go back and dye it a lighter colour the second time around, causing my scalp to burn with itchiness the entire night.

lastly, hope i stop pmsing soon. makes me realise the next day, that i’ve acted like a total idiot.


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