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gen and i found our way to Golden Mile Tower after work today to hunt down those absolutely amazing potato chips.

they are the Thai version of Lays and taste so damn much better than Calbee hot and spicy, which i find, has been toned down alot recently- thus sucks. on the other hand, the Lays from thailand, found in the Thai supermarket on the top floor of the dodgy and smelly Golden Mile, are simply godlike. i promise you, that you wont even want to waste your money on Calbee after you’ve tried it.

but piang eh, upon reaching Golden Mile Tower, a pungent scent of rotting meat and fruits filled my nostrils. and it turns out, that at the entrance of the shopping centre, are shops selling wet market produce. like seriously, large chunks of beef and chicken dangling all over the place in an air-conditioned mall.

super out of place, and bloody stinky.

here’s what they look like- the chips, and not the chunks of stinky meat i mean. proabably get dished with a bunch of thai cuss words if i tried to take pictures of the air-conditioned market-shops.


this one is my favourite! bought like 4 of it hahaha




spicy seafood isnt too bad but havent tried the extra barbeque flavoured one. haha something tells me that im going to turn frighteningly obese soon. not only that, when you drop iodine on me, my skin will turn blue-black because its completely clogged up with starch from potato chips.

why doesnt someone start importing thai potato chips and set up a shop more centrally-located and that doesnt stink as badly? haha well actually, why in the first place, am i giving anyone the chance to poach my brilliant entrepreneurial ideas? k shall design some credible business plan soon. but step 1, i need to learn how to speak basic thai. ah actually, forget it.

sigh, here’s to a boring weekend alone with my Lays potato chips. why does army have to take away everyone’s happiness and time, and then decide reward them once in awhile with pointless events like social nights and what not to try and replenish their depleting social lives. how about early bookouts every weekend for a change huh?

k must try not to sound very anti-singapore. wait i get sued or something.

army good! army very good! hope mat does well in his tear gas exercise tml! such an enriching experience really, will definitely make all boys completely resilient to hostile forces who try to torture them with tear gas!

you know what? maybe you should have taser and whip exercise next!


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