like a cancer in my lungs

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as usual, an unreasonable customer called in and started being downright rude and demeaning to a poor telemarketer. and halfway through the call he just decided,

“i know you think i’m a lunatic, so SAY IT!!!”

i hope he wakes up one day and realises hes been in coma for 5 years and now has to make a living as a customer service telemarketer. we’ll see then, if he really does turn into a lunatic.

meanwhile, i have signed on to become a tutor at startutor! haha at first i thought it was startutors, and it turned out to be some dodgy site with Mas Selamat’s picture on the main page lol. but i went on to register myself anyway cos i assumed that tuition agencies dont really make nice webpages.

when i finally realised my mistake, i discovered that startutor is like some superbly high-tech tutor to student profile linking network! zomg almost as amazing as facebook! you can even upload your photo to your profile page so that parents can see your face and hire you over another paedophilic or seductive -looking individual.

then the next step is to upload all your certs, IC and wait for them to verify it. and then you choose your ideal subjects, locations and timings to teach. damn easy to use!

oh but then the next step is the hardest, which is to wait for a job.

pick me! pick me!
even though my rank is like 97% on startutor now )):


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