boys like you are dime a dozen

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i went for the NUS medical checkup today. it really does remind me of all the times when we could cut class back in primary and secondary school to attend these health check ups. and in primary 4, i was so overjoyed that i was short-sighted – FINALLY I GET TO WEAR SPECS!

i was very very disillusioned, of course.

anyhow, the medical checkup today was rather lame. it was as it everyone just had to have a record that shows a clean bill of health, so all the procedures seemed like they were just there for the sake of it. wah lao, pay $30 for half-past-six checkup, really not worth it lor.

the urine test section was kind of awkward though. because everyone had to slip out to the toilet with a little plastic cup to pee in it. thankfully for me, and my hyperactive bladder, i had no troubles filling up the cup. haha though it took quite awhile because i was nervous that i might miss and pee all around except into in the cup. after all, females arent really equipped with proper aiming devices. yet i bet i do much better than other gross males who aim their pee at everywhere else but into the toilet bowl.

while in the cubicle, i heard some weirdo trying to make conversation by explaining to some girl that she ‘was waiting for awhile more because she cant seem to pass any urine’.

and when we returned the cups, the lab assistants made us place the cup down onto a kitchen towel laid on the table, instead of receiving it from us with their hands. haha really awkward moment there, when i thought she was going to take it from me.

ANYWAY, i have healthy urine. hahaha

chest Xray was strange too. after reading all the rules about dressing appropriately, i made extra effort to choose the only top in my wardrobe (time to online shop more) that doesnt have embroidery, prints or buttons on it. couldnt wear my favourite bra either cos it has bits of embroidery ):

in the end, they gave everyone an X-ray gown to put on FOC. haha its blue and thankfully, opaque.

some girl in front of me had her bf tag along like a leech with her to ALL the stations of the medical checkup. omg it was as if he needed to accompany her to a gynaecologist appointment or something. so he was occupying extra space in all the waiting areas and basically being a real hindrance to the rest of us thinking that he was in the queue.

and in the chest X-ray room. he sat there waiting for her. the assistant instructed her to take off her bra (poor thing, dunno why they didnt get a gown for her) before her examination. so she went in and came out braless, with her black lycra shirt hugging the places that should not be hugged when one is braless. and her stupid dense bf just sat there watching her come out with bra in hand to sit next to him.

then it was my turn to get changed into the gown. lol luckily i read the instructions on the wall man. i initially thought that i had to be stark naked underneath the gown. but they only needed the bra and blouse off. urgh wont want to imagine the embarrassment that awaits if i walked out with just a gown on.

haha still, it was so terrifying thinking about how to walk back into the waiting room without my precious bra. and the dense idiot was STILL sitting there, the only boy among the entirely female crowd who would eventually be braless at some point in time when he was in the room.

wah lao if i were his gf, i would totally shoo him away. and if i were him, i’d totally get the hint to get the fuck out of there and respect everyone else’s vulnerable, private, braless moment.

i mean, if i had to be waiting in a room full of boys who were going to take off their underwear, i’d know for sure that i’m in the wrong place at the wrong time.

finally, the assistant told him to wait outside, and he left. seriously man. wanted to punch his face if not for the fact that the sudden jerk might cause my gown to be more revealing that it already is.

well after all that nonsense, i zipped out of NUS and went straight back to work. ya maybe im really bitter that i dont have mat with me now. after all, im sure it would be such an amazing bonding experience to watch your bf/gf produce urine samples and take chest X-rays.


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