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such a bummer. we were supposed to troop over to mel’s house tonight to watch the Russia vs Holland match. but then sleeping arangements were so problematic. we were even contemplating going to West Coast Park to sleepover after watching the match at their 24hr macs. but then it would be kind of retarded to be sleeping on some random cement pavement without tents. even homeless people have cardboard boxes for shelter.

and as if on cue, my migraine started to creep into my head. therefore, all plans were scraped.

on the bright side, the MANGO SALE 😀

its the best sale ever! i bought a pair of butterfly-patterned denim shorts for a reasonably priced $45 (U.P. $65) zomg i cant believe topshop sells their cotton shorts for frigging $83!!!! thats practically daylight robbery for poor people like me!

but i had to wait around 15-20 minutes for the dressing room. and you know how flimsy mango’s changing rooms are. i had it worse because i was at a corner of wisma isetan mango where they set up dusty makeshift changing stalls just to handle the crowd. the changing stalls sucked cos there are no hooks to hang your clothes.

also, the curtains do not close properly. rather, i forgot to make sure they were completely shut. and kns, i caught this woman in the reflection of the mirror peeping into my changing room from the queue outside. what a perv!!

see what see huh?
what i have, you also have!!
(just not so saggy only)

haha OH YES. and we finally found the stupid Lipo Building in Aljunied, where the warehouse sale is. it was advertised in Today newspaper and apparently has Men’s Levis jeans for $20, Victoria Secrets lingere, Calvin Klein underwear and a couple more famous brands at dirt cheap prices.

when we arrived at the place, all we could see was a couple of blocks of dodgy old factory buildings. at least, there was a steady stream of people going in and out of Lipo Building. so that was rather reassuring.

but bloody hell, they are such LIARS.

1. their Levis jeans looked like they were probably in style in the 1990s, with the vintage favourite flare leg cut and like added patches of denim on the insides of the thigh. couldnt even find a single pair of engineered jeans.

2. there were racks of GRANNY NIGHTIES all over the place! they were made of some stretchy smocked material, as if to accomodate the wrinkly tummy flab. those are certainly not victoria secrets!! even hot bod gisele bundchen wouldnt turn on a single member of the male species if she wore one of those hideous things.

3. and the racks that were actually labelled with the word “Victoria Secrets” were stuffed with gross sheer underwear that strayed on the kinky-porno-costume side.

4. polo ralph lauren shirts only had sizes for the individual who has fast food 3 meals a day. and they dont even look authentic.

5. calvin klein underwear looked the most genuine, since they were packaged in boxers and really resembled the ones that Freddy Ljungberg wears. but then matin opened them up and pointed out that the label stitching of ‘Calvin Klein’ on the elastic band looks deformed hahaha.

so disappointing ):

luckily there was a wholesale candy and chocolates store downstairs to pacify us. its basically the place where canteen aunties order their stock from in bulk and sell it to school children at jacked-up prices. so we went nuts buying hi-chew, meiji chocolates, dried mango peels and wrigley’s mints that i bought because i thought they were contraband chewing gum hahaha.

would have bought a year’s supply of hello panda if not for the fact that i have to take the public transport home.

just 1 day more.
time is of the essence, but how to share 3 weeks worth of affection in just 24 hours?


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