delayed devotion

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ooh! bought a pretty blue philips earphones to replace my murky yellowed ipod earphones for $20.90 at the IT fair.

also found imitation Ipod socks going at 2 for $3 hahaha regretted not buying more cos they are really useful, and look almost like the real thing except once you stretch it, it becomes very loose. so now i can only use the sock for my phone because it has become too loose for my ipod.

wah and suddenly, $700 came in with my pay on the 15th. and i am extra extra tempted to spend it all away on the Ipod touch. stupid stupid Ipod touch, why do you make me stray from my thrifty ways.

anw i finally went for tuition after a long long time. and her mother greeted me by telling me that ‘she did pretty well this time around, thanks to your help.’

hahahah i practically snorted when she made that comment. it seems i am overly credited for her B and C in bio and chem respectively.

ah i felt so stupid for the rest of the tuition because all i did was to help her look up answers in her bio textbook to copy into her holiday homework questions. didnt even know why milk turns sour. gonna google it up later. along with the advantages of a closed circulatory system and the difference in the hepatic portal vein & other blood vessels.

but i am so amazed that i made more money in that useless 2 hours than 8 hours of admin slogging.


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