sweetest sin

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fucketty fuck.

of all the people that could have decided that pharmacy was their calling in life, or were simply dumped into it because medicine and dentistry said no, WHY THEM??

actually more so a HER, but lets not be too direct here shall we? karma has a certain way of finding its way back into our lives. which is probably why acting like a big fuck all the time and practising the fine art of kissing teacher’s asses (trust me, you’ll need a certain skill, especially in making jellies) will only kick you back in the wobbly ass in the long run.

gross. my eyeballs are almost rolling into the back of my sockets when i imagine having to put up with the unnecessary kiasu-ism and HER trying to prove to the lecturer that testosterone is actually a female hormone.

i’m quite sure that she’d go to the extent of ingesting testosterone pills for 3 months as an experiment. but then because shes already so manly, those hormone pills will only make her muscles more defined, and she’d mistake the effect for the emphasis of her perfect womanly curves.

‘I TOLD YOU RIGHT?? now, you better give me that 0.5 mark so i can get full marks for this class quiz’

right well, definitely not looking forward to starting school now.

as much as im happy, i am sad, in a very self-centered manner.


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