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to make up for the spoiled outdoor plans yesterday, we took advantage of the (still) gloomy weather to picnic at West Coast Park!


cant believe that in my entire life, my parents have never brought me to this place. there is a 24hr macdonalds and at least 5 playgrounds!!! how can??

now its like im too big for the kiddie playgrounds already ):
so i just sit around and watch children make a fool of themselves in the sand pit.

lol before that we went to IMM Giant and bought a load of food.

1. one WHOLE black pepper roast chicken ((:
2. a sushi set
3. potato chips
4. caramel pudding
5. wafer rolls

then laid matin’s pathetic 1-person picnic mat (with holes) on the wet grass and begin gobbling up the roast chicken before the ants could creep up on us.



really looks yummier than that. but then the breast meat got sickeningly overwhelming after awhile, so as usual, i focused on eating the skin parts and threw the rest into the trash bin.



wow and i saw all these ang mohs riding the car-bicycles. looked damn fun, but we were too broke to rent those ridiculously expensive things. next time probably! looks like good exercise that i seriously need.

urgh, and there was an unsightly bikini-clad woman rollerblading around the park. i mean if you were wearing that little in a place where everyone else is fully clothed, at the very least, you should have a great body to flaunt. but my goodness, the only thing that wasnt wobbling on her were her toes in the roller blades.

later i caught her at Mc-Cafe eating. so much for rollerblading lol.

then it was playground exploring time!

well the only thing that was suitable for our age was this



ever since i was a kid, i’ve avoided these complex spiderweb towers because i’m afraid of heights. this time, i plucked up the courage to start scaling the tower. but by 1/3 of the way, i just gave up and sat on the ropes because my Acrophobia was getting to me.

yes, i know, im such a wussy.

then there were all these brave kids who climbed up the damn thing so quickly past me. haha i just sat there and pretended that i was resting. truth was, i was figuring out how the hell to get down to the ground.

finally did get down though. and realised i was only about 3 metres up lol. cant imagine how much i DONT miss all the stupid ropes course that we were forced to do for team-building shit in OBS.

crazy kids at the summit

next up was the obstacle course! there werent any kids there so i guess that they must be considerably difficult, and thus, suitable for a deprived kid like me!


blah but bumped my head while crawling through some rope tunnel. haha then reached the end and gave up because i have always sucked at monkey bars. but army nut matin continued and pwned me.



ah but really so tiring..forgive me for i have not participated in strenous activities since my last PE session. so i collapsed at jurong library and read good old Gossip Girl for the rest of the afternoon.


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