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today was a major spoiler day.

spoiler #1

we had this nice perfect plan, to spend a lovely saturday at sunny sentosa, eating random food from vivomart and basically, turning my pasty white skin into a nice golden colour.

but when i woke up this morning, it was dark and gloomy. and as if it was nature’s way of mocking us, it started to pour, bloody heavily. and it bloody wouldnt stop.

i was all changed into my beach gear, and stayed up an extra half an hour to Veet my legs last night okay! you could imagine the rage that was boiling inside of me. my skin might have turned green and biceps bulging an extra 2 inches for that brief moment as i glared begrudgingly at the stupid rain.

spoiler #2

so then matin the genius decided to distract me from a spoiled saturday with a shoes, bags and apparel warehouse sale at Aljunied. hahaha but when we got to Aljunied mrt, he didnt know how to get to the warehouse. so within 5 minutes after i had exited the fare gates, we decided to turn back to city hall for traditional shopping-mall-hanging-out instead.

spoiler #3

while having lunch at coffee club, i swallowed a mouthful of shepard’s pie too quickly and burnt my tongue. the pain was so intense and shocking, but i didnt want to be rude and spit everything out. so i started crying. hahaha very dramatic and embarrassing at the same time. luckily the place was still very quiet.

ooh and i found this mini pets exhibition at level 3 Suntec kidz corner. kids actually brought their llittle dwarf hamsters and made them race each other for the grand prize of a hamper with everything a hamster could ever dream of – FOOD! BEDDING! TUNNELS TO PEE AND POOP IN!

my goodness, looking at those kids treating their hamsters like bloody toys made me feel so sad for them (hamsters i mean, not spoiled, bratty and irresponsible kids). while getting ready for the race, this girl was ignorantly rolling the racing wheel back and forth, while her poor hamster was stumbling inside. it was no wonder her hamster refused to start moving once the race started.


its like calling your dog ‘doggie’ and cat ‘catty’ and terapin ‘terapinny’

wah lao and one poor hamster was called ‘Ah Ger’. with that much of injustice done to it with a name like that, it was no wonder Ah Ger began grooming herself, conveniently ignoring the fact that the race had started.

in the end, the white face russian roborovski won the race. hahaha wondered if my $18 amber would’ve beaten the $28 premium breed. probably not i think. she doesnt really enjoy running around alot. maybe a piece of brocolli at the finishing line would help.

haha and we went to watch Kung Fu Panda, because i really wanted to watch a movie, and because that was the only nice movie left unwatched. (boys dont like chickflicks like Sex and the City, yet i like actionflicks like Ironman and Transformers)

surprisingly, and very surprisingly, Kung Fu Panda really deserves alot more than the 2.5 stars rating in 8 days. its funny, witty and a breath of fresh air from stale animated movies like Cars and Happy Feet. fatty Panda’s belly is so big, i hope that i never become like him! lol

bought the new Gossip Girl book at 20% off from kino too! (((:

but wish i had as much wealth as them to be able to afford the lovely purple patent Louis Vuitton wallet in the Taka window display..


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