time and confusion collide

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awwww (:

Amber in meditation.

she’s so fat from all that broccoli my mum has been dropping into her cage twice a day, that she can simply cuddle herself to sleep haha.

broccoli gives hamsters diarrhea too, which explains the 4 little pieces of poop scattered around haha.

anyway, i realised from this entry, that i cant spell broccoli and diarrhea. hahaha spelt it initially, as brocolli and diahorrea. and then while writing a note to my colleague today, i almost forgot the difference between stationery and stationary.

i think online shopping isnt that fun anymore. somehow, after seeing the same few things selling on the different lj sites starts to edge me into buying something so fugly that i will never wear out EVER.

like all these floral printed tube dresses that can be interchanged into a long skirt. they always say that the top part is ‘smocked’, which means stretchy i think. but i know that the elastic expands after awhile, so even a waist belt wont be able to prevent your boobs from spilling out in the long run.

dont even talk about boho maxi dresses. walking curtains with waist belts trying to hold up the dangerously wardrobe-malfunctioning dress but to no avail.

then there’re those who put a picture of their cheap clothing next to a picture of a similar looking TOPSHOP piece, and say its ‘TOPSHOP inspired!!!’

or display fake designer bags, so obviously made in china, and claim its ‘LOUIS VUITTON inspired!!!’

puh-less, that’s like going around with a lousy quality fake and telling everyone what a fashionista you are because you have a ‘Burberry Blue Label inspired bag!’

but i think alot of the stuff online are nice! though thats a thought im going to keep out of my head for the meantime. materialism is the devil!

haha wth my colleague bluetoothed a Low (T-Pain) remix done in screamo style by some unknown band, and made me listen to it for 1 excruciating minute. had to maintain my niceness (it was bloody just 10 minutes left to the end of work!) and tell her that it was quite funny ha ha. but totally went home to delete the song.

9 days to POP


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