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bleh i got a pair of opaque leggings for $6 at Topshop’s sale in M size, only to realise that they are too short for me. and that i have no heels to pair them with ):

so im giving it to melinda! who will have better use for them in the bitter cold temperatures of UK. trenchcoats and sexy opaque stockings = super magnet for charming english guys ((:

let me show you my new purchases though!
so exciting, cant wait to get them in the mail!


that kimono dress that i have been eyeing for a long long time. and it really looks extra nice because the girl wearing it is damn hot. so like maybe if i wear it then theres a chance i’ll look like her.


lovely brand new denim shorts for $20!! what a steal!! dont come and compare to bangkok la, still have to buy plane ticket to get there first right?

omg then i was browsing through online stores when i saw this girl modelling a bunch of dresses. and she had like real bad heat rash/pimple breakout on her chest!!! ewwww why doesnt she bother to photoshop them away, if she could spend all that trouble adding lovely borders to her pictures in the first place?!

so gross, immediately directed away from the site.

haha saw this cute shirt online!


and no i didnt buy it. dont have enough guts to wear it around campus and winking cheekily at med boys. haha shouldnt be doing it anyway!! (:


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