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Chronicles of Narnia II is a bunch of nonsensical CGI bullshit. the first one was like 100 times better. cant believe that i sat through about 2 and a half hours of boring stuff only to come to the exciting part in the last half hour, parts of which really bear a close resemblance to battle scenes in the Lord of the Rings.

and aslan only appears for 10 minutes -_-

i think even voldemort gets more screen time

blah i think it was such a bore mainly because of the majority of dialogue going to silly old men in the Tamarine castle. which, unlike in the boring parts of the lord of the rings when humans were speaking, i had no frigging idea why the Narnia ones were so grumpy and wearing black faux fur coats all the time.

well im grumpy because my kindred spirit of a student cancelled tuition on me for the 1927592083th time. and she was so generous to inform me about the change in plans after i had alarmed myself to wake up early despite really needing the sleep. now my nose is runny and im stuck here online with nothing to do. even the online stores dont open so early, dammit.


): yesterday i tried on a pair of size 8 (my size) white skinnies at topshop. and topshop obviously has a very warped idea of size 8 pants/my legs are obviously not size 8 because they ended up looking like emanciated chicken ones in it. it was only half price somemore ): ):

wish runny nose would stop, legs would shrink, and online stores would open


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