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i had a really strong craving for fried chicken, ever since i overheard my colleague begging another one to go for lunch at this place with awesome fried chicken. so today, i couldnt resist and told her that i wanted to have chicken for lunch.

so 4 of us- gen, creswell, susan and myself, cabbed down to city plaza (a really run down shopping centre in paya lebar- imagine far east plaza 20 years ago) to eat Arnold’s Fried Chicken.

omg it was the first time that i ate two whole pieces of chicken by myself. usually for like KFC, i’ll eat up all the skin and then give away the meat because its so dry. but AFC’s chicken is oozing with oil and flavour, to the extent that you can totally pull a Renee Zellweger ballooning to fit her role in Bridget Jones’ Diary in half the time that she took spamming junk food.

my chicken was practially dripping with oil, without even squeezing it. it tasted good for the first 2 pieces, and that i felt horridly gulity about eating all that oil so i got sick. i felt so bloated and oily for the entire afternoon. seriously considered eating a couple of oil blotters to absorb the extra oil that i know, is going to up my cholesterol to dangerous levels.

but having tasted AFC, i think im never going to eat KFC ever again. its a pity that they only have 2 branches (one in pasir ris and the other in city plaza), and dont do deliveries. though i have to say that the coleslaw and the mash potato still tastes better at KFC.

felt so tired today that i napped twice in the toilet. must be all the oily food im eating :/


haha had to personalise my boring table so i wont feel so bored at work


a product of my boredom. nice right?


at gloria jeans after work, the both of us occupying an entire 2 armchairs + 1 sofa living room set very selfishly. hahah but too comfortable to get up and be considerate.

thursdays are such a bore. and yay i might get another tuition job soon! was beginning to get rather annoyed with the other job, because it takes approximately 2 months to earn $100. can you believe that i havent even earned my first full pay of $200 from her yet?! sigh.

and then the student msged me to tell me very confidently, that shes going to fail her midyears. so right now its between a ‘serves you right’ and ‘shit, what if your mother cuts my pay as punishment’


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