if a ten ton truck, kills the both of us

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you know whats better than online shopping,

having an online shop!

gen told me about her cousin’s friend, who manages a super famous online shop called bonitochico. she earns alot of money and not just that, she gets invited to sell her stuff at flea markets and all. then alot of people on sgflea.lj put up posts asking if anyone has secondhand bonitochico clothes to sell them.

so damn cool, i say!

omg i figured that its some big dream that i want to have. i’ll be so savvy about where to order cheap dresses from, how to package and sell them, and absorb the postage so everyone will want to buy my stuff.

i’ll show everyone some article from Cleo that says, “oh! the bohemian Maxi dress is totally in now!” and then people will be decieved into buying god fugly long curtains to wrap their bodies in.

or maybe i could advertise a whole series of waist dresses worn with a nice vintage elastic belt, and then state smugly at the end, that ‘waist belt is model’s own’.

and who can forget, all the same bow-legged poses that i will assume in every shot so that it makes my legs look slim- all the more decieving for people to buy clothes that actually make their legs look like tree trunks.

in one sale, i will easily make like $100!!! thats really equates to a good number of dresses i can, in turn, buy for myself. haha but when im earning that much, i’d definitely be wiping out warehouse’s entire rack of expensive size 8s each season. then if i dont like what ive bought, i can always sell again right?

big dreams..

yay my next purchase is coming in the mail tomorrow!

and remember, when you buy white dresses, that they are always better when paired with a pair of plain white/nude coloured panties! dont be like the woman i saw on the train today, with her black-lined-cream coloured undies showing through her sheer dress, and layers of tummy flab folding over each other when she sits down.


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