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the real problem with online shopping is that

1. i dont trust funds transferring because it is always always subjected to human error. i nearly keyed the wrong account number when transferring money to jessie to pay her for the bag i bought online.

2. i dont trust singapore post. and therefore, dont wish to pay postage for something that just might go missing while on the conveying belt of the mail sorter.

3. i dont trust the models advertising the shirts. they all have long hair, sexy protruding collar bones, C cup boobs, and legs that stretch along the entire length of the Nile river. thus, i dont trust that i will be able to look just as good in that bright obscene floral print dress as they do.

4. and its just so weird to be waiting around in an mrt trying to spot the person whom you have liased with to collect your clothes. almost like blind internet dating.

yet all those cool people with cool clothes get all of them online. guess my trust issues will have to leave me to wear mainstream clothes and pray hard that i dont sit next to someone wearing the exact same top as me in a bus.

help jessie, help!

actually i bet i could find all those exotic clothes at far east but im really too lazy to scour the shops, of which, have names such as ZTYLE and ZIMPLE and what other ztupid namez that you can replace the ‘S’s with ‘Z’s.

anw wth i should stop buying clothes!

and and and, matin’s crazy horny hamsters gave birth again. what an incestous load of nuisance. am so glad that all Amber does is sleep all day and bite her cage for my attention when she gets hungry. my goodness, shes so low maintenance that she doesnt even drink water at all.

so, anyone want cute baby hamsters that sell for $10 at pet lovers store (but im sure that i could sell them to you for half that price), you know where to find me (:


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