gossip girl!

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as melinda would say,
gossip girl is so ackcyting!

haha im thoroughly addicted to the series because everyone is so pretty and goodlooking, but even more so to the books cos they are a hundred times more scandalous- so much so that parts of it wont make it on tv because it involves handsome Chace Crawford (Nate) doing weed, Daniel breaking up with Serena in 5 minutes and edging towards homosexuality, and Jenny being a lesbo with boobs the size of a hooters girl.

unfortunately Jenny is a stupid wannabe brat in the show and i dont like the actress Taylor Momsen cos her american slang is too draggy.

dont like Serena much either cos she talks like she has phlegm in her throat all the time, though i marvel at the thickness of her hair (and extensions) and wonder how she doesnt choke on them while acting.

Vanessa Abrahms is another irritant. too much draggy slanging and swaying from side to side when communicating with others. and why does she get to snag Nate! no such thing!

but but but who knew that the guy who plays Chuck, Ed Westwick, is actually ENGLISH! = cute british accent that i like!!!! ALOT!!


haha i almost couldnt believe my ears. he shall be my favourite character from now on. other than Leighton Meestor, who is such a beauty! (when i grow up, i want to look like her!)

cant believe i just blogged an entire entry about GG – im such a GG nerd, its so sad that the season is ending on monday! bleh ):



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