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bloody hell i dont understand how some people can simply be promoted to an assistant manager’s position if he shows absolutely no professionalism in his job.

i went to a certain pizza hut restaurant for lunch (near my office) today. the place mainly does take-aways but it also has a dine-in menu, as well as a couple of tables and chairs for dine-in customers.

all along, when i went with my colleagues, we would order the take-away set meal for students and they would have no problem with serving us as dine-in. but then they changed the manager to this imbecile of a man who would be extra anal about us eating a take-away promotion as dine-in.

not only that, when im with adults, he’d be extra good with his service. but when its just gen and i, he’d turn sour like 10 days old indian curry.

we ordered 2 sets of the takeaway students special to dine in, then he reminded me that its a takeaway promo- so cannot dine in. so i told him that i have been dining in with this offer since long before (some ignorant topshot decided you would be an excellent candidate to receive a promotion to assist. manager). then he had the cheek to tell me that ‘last time is last time, now is takeaway only’. but bloody hell i just dined in a week ago?!

is it soooo hard to delegate one of your workers to wash a couple more plates in return for earning $11 from 2 poor students? pizza oil very hard to wash isit? then line the plate with oil blotters la! i take picture and send to stomp then you know.

knn after i told him incessantly that i wanted to dine-in, he ignored us and went to fill up a cup of 7up for somebody else who probably placed his order like half hour ago. haha then while he was capping the drink in the imbecile way that he does, the drink toppled over and emptied itself all over him.

serves the bugger right, indeed.

i watched in delight as he had to empty away all the spilt 7up and scoop up all the ice without any help from his co-workers. really goes to show how he is as a supervisor when nobody even bothers to lick your 7up-tasting boot in embarrassing situations like that.

the idiot finally allowed us to dine-in with the student promo. he really could have saved that 5 minutes of ignoring us in the first place so that he could concentrate on capping the cup of 7up, but nooo, ‘i must be bloody anal so that they will treasure the fact that im letting them sit at my tables and eat oily food on my plates’

i hate that i love pizza hut so much, im going to be back next week to argue with him about dining in and taking away again.


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