time cant erase

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bloody bored to pieces today, as gen had to skip work to labour tiring 11am-10pm hours at cold storage. leaving me with nobody to share chocolates with, or clean keyboards using scotch tape with, or lunch with ): ): ):

cant even blog surf cos my new boss has a knack of creeping up on me and asking me stuff.

as such,
i skipped to the toilet twice to take 10 minutes naps,
drew spongebob and patrick off a magnet that was stuck on my computer,
ate 10 mini toggis all by my selfish self,
thought about what to do over the weekend,
and wondered why me feet dont fill up my crocs – cos they’re slim.

then while waiting at newton mrt for my bus home, i spotted some girl running towards me crazily and shouting my name. haha wth- cassy. wearing bright pink and carrying her eye-catching coach bag and wallet. she entertained me while waiting for my bus. i skipped one bus cos i didnt want to abandon her- she doesnt know that awww.

well so that concludes my pointless attempt to blog. also, my boss’s mum-in-law passed away last friday at the age of 48 suddenly due to brain aneurysm. it left me quite distraught, even though i dont know her. its just so sudden, and really makes me feel sad that sometimes, people go so quickly that you dont even have enough time with them :/

must stop being grumpy to parents in the mornings from now on.


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