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curse the stupid potato chips, or the stale sotong that i had for yesterday’s dinner. had a bout of diarrhoea for the half of today. still went to work, despite feeling all lousy and weak. but then the fever came on and so i decided to go home.

didnt really want to tell my boss about my diarrhoea because i always laugh at people with diarrhoea. haha but she noticed my pale sickly face and sent me home.

oh man feel like shit now, though the diarrhoea has stopped, butt hurts abit from the hyper activity actually.

anyway i am so tempted to buy a nitendo DS lite!

last time, i was honestly mocking its ugly gameboy-styled look and wth why do you need a stylus to play games? haha but then i keep hearing all my colleagues talk about all the fun games where you can blow into the microphone and cook things or whatever. haha so cool!

its roughly $300+ for a modified set :/
still thinking man, still thinking hard.


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