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just launched myself into major paranoia the past few days ever since finding out that a couple of people have already received their acceptance letters to uni, because I HAVENT GOT ANY!

and i have bookmarked the nus application log in website to check my application status every single day, in hopes of getting some sort of a response. but the stupid page still stares blankly back at me with a mere ‘application processing’, which seriously does nothing to sooth my panicky nerves.

i asked weixin but she says hers also has an ‘application processing’ even though she already got her acceptance letter to FASS.

but i know that you wont get your acceptance letter until end may if the course you’ve applied to has a selection interview/test.

huhhh then if i dont get my pharmacy letter in early may then it will have to be either dentistry or nursing! and i’m putting my head on the betting table that its probably going to be nursing.

what if nursing dept emails pharmacy and dentistry dept to discuss my future in manner of trading pokemon cards with subject: “Please consider?”

‘Regarding candidate Michelle Law Meixin;
After interviewing her, we concluded that she doesnt mind nursing over pharmacy. We think she’ll make a good candidate because she convinced us that she would be the most passionate nurse. And you know how SG really needs nurses now? How about you give her to us huh?’

dentistry dept replies, with no hesitation,

‘she cant carve a block to save a life. how do you trust her with someone else’s teeth?’

followed by a short and curt reply from the pharmacy dept,

‘take it. 4As arent enough anyway.’

WHY WAS I SO GREEDY TO WANT DENTISTRY OVER PHARMACY IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?! now i am so awfully worried that i wont get into pharmacy, and be offered nursing instead. not that nursing is bad, but i really cannot afford fainting in a hospital again, even more so if im working there next time.

then if i dont get into pharmacy, does that make me stupid? ):

i read last year in the forum (okay rather, my mum did. i hate reading papers) that some kid with 4As and A for GP couldnt get into pharmacy. but i thought that was just last year because of the dragon year. please please dont let it be me?

haha shall pop some calbee seaweed chips into my mouth and forget about university applications for the moment.


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