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Iron Man is for sure, one of the snazziest movies of all time!

so much machinery and so many gadgets!! i like!!! even though i had to bug matin to explain to me in excrutiating detail what the mighty magnetic generator was.

but i enjoyed the movie so much even though robert downey jr has a pot belly and gwyneth paltrow is wrinkly. the movie also has lots of rock guitar theme songs that play in the background when iron man gets suited up – and that really ups its snazzy factor.

must go watch!!

then we went crazy and spent $100 at suntec. new shoes for me! and the remainder spent on lousy tepanyaki dinner ew. so unsatisfying. they simply dumped all the cooked dishes together in one plate, not even bothering to separate the different sauces from each other.

haha die la i keep spending so much everytime i go out! this is the second pair of shoes ive bought in a month :S

spending $100 at suntec allows us get a $50 voucher to spend. hah sounds too good to be true right? but we went to exchange for it anyway. haha basket turns out we had to do a lucky dip for the kind of voucher that we’ll get. im a real sucker when it comes to winning things, and naturally, i picked out some awful voucher to a place called Fat Face from a boxful of styrofoam balls and coloured labels.

bleh and Fat Face sells obscenely expensive hobo-styled beach wear- you know like those wrinkly beach dresses and rattan hats? totally not my style manzxzx! and then suddenly we overheard this lady showing the sales person her voucher (so probably not my arse luck to have picked it out cos lucky dip box probably had 20 Fat Face vouchers is to 1 Topshop/Topman voucher) and asking, ‘so if we want to redeem this, we have to spend a minimum of $100 is it?’

and that was our cue to stroll casually out of the shop.

turns out ALL the $50 vouchers they give have to have a minimum spending of $100. so effectively, you’d be spending $200 altogether. zomg what a scam.


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