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yum yum cafe del mar’s scallops are so godlike!

anyway ah, i didnt know you had to spend a minimum of $100 to be able to use their pool and tanning beds. haha no wonder the pool always only has fancy expats and wrinkly tourists.

so we decided to opt for the cheaper option of sand-in-your-pants siloso beach tanning. and after showering, we went to cafe del mar for lunch.

haha in the end, we spend like $95 together (ouch, that is going to take some time to recover), so i guess if you throw in a dessert portion, we could’ve just enjoyed the pool along with wrinkly tourists and fancy expats.

the food there was worth the $95 i guess. luckily our islander membership cut it down to about $80+ so even better.

yummy here are the awesome king-sized scallops, priced at $12 for 3, drenched in garlic sauce plus whatever else and tastes damn good!


pasta was also great, though i cant quite remember their names. its fettucine something for the cream pasta and some fancy french name for the other seafood pasta.


cafe del mar cocktails are so nice too! i like a new one called baileys comet. because you cant really taste the alcohol and it just feels like drinking melted rum and raising ice-cream. haha dohh cheap thrill.



THANKFULLY, THANKFULLY, it was rated M18! i thought it was rated like R in the US. haha so i was so happy to flash my ID all over the place before entering the movie. GV is super strict nowadays, unlike in the past, so dont bother trying to sneak in if you dont want to waste money getting turned away after buying the tickets.

the movie didnt disappoint either, unlike the kind of slapstick humour you find in superhero movie and meet the spartans- after awhile not funny already.

then later it was to crab shack for the man utd vs chealsea match. omg the place was simply filled with red jersey-wearing people by 7pm so we had to sit, on 2 chairs, in a corner by the foozeball table in order to see the screen.

then there were a couple of assholes who came to stand beside us. first was this foul mouth bastard with his poor girlfriend. at first he came and stood there with her and told her that he’d go grab chairs for the both of them. but the match had already started so the idiot forgot all about grabbing chairs and became all engrossed in watching the match.

wah lao! then every bloody thing also must comment!! and he cant even lower the volume of his commentary to between himself and his girlfriend. must shout so loudly, like as if he had to compete with the ang moh commentator of the match.

drogba always dive la, drogba.

cant be they wont let ronaldo play la, no such thing .
(and they really didnt ha ha what a dumbass)


thats in addition to all the random WOAHing and ARGHing at maximum volume everytime the reds get close to scoring. then after the FUCK LA! WANT TO FALL DOWN SOMEMORE!, matin had the last straw and told him to ‘lower the volume of his commentary because its irritating for some of us’

and the bastard left, weaving through the crowd to locate a seat, leaving his girlfriend to follow after him 3 metres away. sigh, i feel damn sorry for her.

then there were the next bunch of idiots, who were fucking jome-ing every 10 minutes in a place that read ‘thank you for not smoking!’. bloody stinking up the whole place and killing us with their second-hand smoke. dont expect me to respect the fact that they have to smoke if they cant even respect my need for some cool fresh night air. you want me to respect you? ya i can do that once you’re smoking 10 metres away from me.

well and man utd lost 1-2 to chelsea. haha i think i simply have no fate when it comes to watching them win.


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