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hahaha its little adventure was shortlived when my dad found it scrambling around the dusty cartons at the balcony. THANK GOODNESS. i was feeling so bad today that i planned to go home and ravage the balcony because i was so sure that he would be there. this morning i even placed a bowl of food at the balcony, like offerings to the hamster spirits lol.

): but then..
my brother put him back into his cage, and the mother ninny hamster starting attacking the shit out of poor scar-face. so now mummy ninny is residing in my old terapin plastic tank, while scar-face has a new battle scar on its ear.

feel so sad for them cos they cant live together in the nice comfy habitrail cage.

anyway i went to get my SGC today, and i realised there are wayyy too many noobs populating the school grounds now. i guess because the cut off point is getting lower. but who says smart people have to be ugly? 😉

and then i went to repair my phone because yesterday, after being served a bowl of mummy’s (yucky) soup, i accidentally dropped my phone into it. wtf and it was barely in there for a second before i fished it out again. yet the LCD display is gonecase. and it smells like cuttlefish. hahahah ewww

the sony ericsson help staff was damn smart, cos she straight away told me that it was caused by liquid damage. yet i put on my innocent and pathetic look and explained that it was never in contact with any sort of liquid. hahaha just imagine when they take out all the parts and realise that it reeks of cuttlefish. LOL

so yes i think im getting the free repair under the warranty, cos they never said i needed to pay anything.

its funny how ytd was a really bad day when scar-face ran away and my phone dropped into yucky soup, and all that was immediately resolved today.

feeling good about today, i decided to spend the remainder of my tuition earnings on TOPSHOP! and while at the underwear section, i saw this angmoh man picking out a couple of lacy underwear. it seemed a little pervy and odd to me at first, but then i really admired his guts cos NO singaporean men would actually feel comfortable shopping for their girlfriend’s underwear, much less doing it alone.

haha but it must’ve been so embarrassing for him cos the cashier pestered him to buy 1 more so that he’d get 20% off.

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