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ooh YAY my boss was feeling extra extra generous today and she honoured my request by giving me the man utd umbrella!!! zomg its frigging-monster-huge!!! it can fit like 1 person without ever getting wet, and probably 2 for a cosier fit and if you dont want to look like you carry a big tent around in the rain.



i like it very much cos it has my favourite player park ji sung on it!


hahah jk i didnt know he existed until melinda photoshopped a picture of me and him in return for my awesome photoshopped picture of beckham hugging her.

but whatever,
Park can speak korean like Rain!
so i like him too!

haha then there’s also handsome cronnie on it


and giggs! i know who!


and got gary neville and saha and i really dunno, im just reading off the umbrella.

very nice right? haha i like it very much even though im not a man utd fan. i bet if i sold it on ebay it’d fetch at least $50 (((:

but nahhh im going to use it

anyway, i got shortlisted for dentistry as well. turns out i think shortlisted is a very overrated term. more like longlisted, cos your results only qualify you for the interview and manual dexterity test. then after the interview they will cut down the no of applicants to 100, and then the test will only pull out about 40 of those with the steadiest hands and best hand-eye coordination. something like they wont let you in if you are prone to accidentally knocking someone’s teeth out with involuntary spasms.

needless to say, i am pretty much walking right into a losing battle. cos i know im not smart enough, and my hands are not steady enough (though i must say i learnt how to put on my contacts pretty damn quickly) and frankly speaking, recre squash doesnt make me sound like i have other talents to offer.

and the worst thing is, i didnt KNOW you could get a copy of your SGC from the school’s general office until TODAY.

ya very stupid la. but i think the school is stupider, cos i dont understand whats the point of taking so bloody long to send out the SGCs when they are most crucially needed for uni apps?!!!

so everything is so last minute, while i try to ooze out a couple of testimonials from my subject teachers (msged 2 and only 1 replied) and get that stupid SGC next week.

but really sometimes i dont even know whats the point, cos i wont get in. somehow receiving the application made me feel like i really wanted to be a dentist. but i cannot let myself get too consumed in those hopes cos they will most probably be dashed.

but if i get it then its a bloody miracle and it really must be God’s plan for me to earn $50 per appointment by poking gums, making it bleed, and then prescribing some expensive medicine for gingivitis.

on another note. i really hate lingering lingere sales people.

i felt so belittled (literally) at la senza centrepoint today okay. i mean ya la you know how certain designs you will fit one type of cup, and other designs you’re supposed to wear a smaller cup. and for the sake of preserving my dignity, i shall not name the cup size.

so i was really oggling at this nude strapless bra for my supposed cup size. and wtf i was so embarrassed to take it out cos it looked like a fricking monster! hahaha so when no one was around, i hurridly scooped it out and was going to pick a smaller size in case the monster bra threatens to swallow me whole.

then this stupid lingere sales person came around and asked what size i wanted. so i told her my supposed cup size and she told me straight in the face, after having a 1 second peek at my chest, that i would not fit that cup size.

wah laoOO!!!!

i could feel my ears flushing red. and luckily mummy saved me by asking her to give me both sizes to try.

and true enough, i hate to say that she was right.

still, can just let me try and see for myself what. i mean i wont purposely go and buy HUGE MONSTER CUP SIZE BRAS and wear them if i have nothing to fill it right?

rarr and that is why i hate buying lingere. if you linger too long, they’ll think that you dont know your cup size, and then they’ll rush over with a measuring tape, all ready to grope you all over. i know its their job and whatever. but what if i just really want to work out which bra i want MYSELF??


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