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from the moment that i had stepped into a room full of nerdos, i knew that i wouldnt stand a chance at getting the MOH scholarship.

lets see, not to be discriminating or what, i am merely and bitterly, stating the facts.

80% wore specs
contacts are different, contacts mean i make an effort to hide the fact that i USED to be nerdy and thus, myopic.

80%, i bet, are from the top 5 JCs
i only saw 1 AC guy, who was in rec squash and was always referred to as ‘Mohan’ (even thought his name was ‘Emmanual’) by the suspiciously racist coach.

70% have un-dye their hair
never dye hair means = nerdy!

wah lao then there was one irritating nerdo, keeping turning around to flash her (haha-im-getting-that-scholarship-suckers!) smiles at her friends so many frigging times before the first assesment started. as if the whole room needs to know that shes damn popular in this nerdy room with all her nerdy friends.

then while waiting for the toilet cubicles during the 10 min break, nerdo was showing off to her friends that shes quitting her job for a better paying job- knn $63 a day leh. even i cant help but feel jealous that i didnt have her long bushy hair, round tooty glasses and fabulous toothy grin.

there were also all these nerdy army boys who booked out just to do the psychometric test. then during the break they suddenly all went up to each other to discuss about nearly missing one of the buses back to mainland.

i feel so sad when i see army boys nowadays. wished that mat was a nerdy army boy who could book out for psychometric tests too ):

so the test comprised of 4 sections

1. Pattern Recognition

basically they give you 9 pictures, which form patterns either diagonally or straight or across and then you are supposed to predict the last pattern in the bottom right box.

so the first 25 questions were quite crackable. and then questions 26 to 36 were like omgwtfbbq??

haha maybe im exaggerating. but it really felt like that.

plus theres like simply no way of tikuming, cos there are 8 options per question. wah lao so i left like 10 answers blank on my OMR.

2. Mathematics

no calculators were allowed. there were like 11 questions with 3 sub questions. and they were actually quite simple. except for the fact that they only gave us 30 mins to finish 33 questions, and you know how after 2 years of becoming absolutely dependent on a calculator, manual working takes a bitch-lot of time to do, so i only managed to finish half of the paper.

3. Inference

the easiest section perhaps. its basically many proses with 3 subquestions for each prose, in which they give you statements that are either true or false or cannot be interferred directly from the prose.

i think the hardest part was to keep up concentration level cos all the stupid passages were like so boring so if you dont catch it the first time, you end up wasting time to read it a couple more times in order to answer the questions.

dunno la there was like some passage about early italian scooters i.e. vespas, another one about males being more likely to abandoning their offspring and another about using special powder to catch spies. hahah wth right.

4. Personality

this section was un-timed. and there were 185 questions in total, 170 of which were about yourself. like um

I prefer to have lunch
a. with my friends
b. ?
c. alone

When i am building or making something, I prefer to do it
a. on my own
b. ?
c. with a group of friends

i guess they were used to form the DISC profile. then questions 171 to 185 were like SATs questions. like,

tadpole is to frog as larvae is to ______
a. tadpole
b. worm
c. insect

hahaha that got me quite stumped ok cos i forgot whether worms had larvae. lol but wtf i just realised that worm is before larvae. LOL

i was the first to finish the last section so i was out of the freezing seminar room before everyone else. ah honestly i think my chances are absolutely limited after the test. if i really get called for the interview, it must be some kind of practical joke.

but if i do get to the interview, i hope i dont meet stupid bushy-haired nerdo there.

lol my mummy got some ‘favourite interview questions’ from her boss, who was one of the interviewers for some nursing admission thing. ok now must go and practise!!


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