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haha i spent most of the saturday at home, with my hamsters. they really are quite the bunch of ninnies.



and amber is the real ninny. after 5 minutes of wrestling with the new food bowl, she’d find a cosy little spot underneath it for a nice long nap.




see scarface’s scar?

so boring you know. today i actually took out my age-old and ratty-smelly chemistry ten year series and copied down 15 MCQ questions from the topic: atomic structure to give to my tutee tml. she better do it properly and not waste my effort of drawing electron shells in perfect circles.

then i did ironing, which is a saturday routine really, but i dont ever do it in the afternoon cos usually im out.

and then i went out with gen, xin and jessie! ate horrible seafood baked rice at breeks- omg i swear im never going back there again. no amount of tobasco sauce would make the mussels more appetising, or the prawns more tasty. and the fish were served in huge square chunks and tasted absolutely stale.


then comes the much-anticipated phone call at 1025, and that pretty much sums up everything that happened today.

yay tml is payday for tuition!
bring on the bucks baby!!


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