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sticky, desperate or not, the depression just wont stop. i suppose its mostly cos im so bored at the office. plus the boss was extra guai lan to me today, simply making me feel my worst in a long long time.

sometimes i think she doesnt respect me. not that the tasks she gives me are particularly demeaning, maybe the occasional one or two la. but its also the way that she expects me to do a complex task flawlessly and without taking too much of her time to explain how its supposed to be done. and then she also blames me for making her stressed when i have finished all my work and have nothing to do. yet her face stretches to the entire length of the great wall of china when i ask for time off work.

arent bosses all anal?

anyway MOH finally emailed me to go for their psychometric test next thursday at CSC. but wtf the test is 3 hrs long!!! gawd it feels like econs paper all over again. kind of dont want to go for it, but then it’d be a real waste of my application haha.

and now he’s also left me with the ninny family of hamsters! haha they’re really quite a laugh. though the babies all look the same, but they are quite distinct, namely

1. sleepy

its so sleepy that it sleeps the entire day. it doesnt even go out to get food, thus, making it the smallest and most fragile out of the three. i worry for it so much that i removed most of the attachment tubes so that it will not need to travel so far from its sleeping place to get food.

2. scar-face

poor scar-face was previously attacked by a vicious Leah in the first few days that it began to run around the cage a week after it was born. so it has a little white hairless patch on the top of its right eye as proof of its defenceless battle against a fat bitch.

3. crazy

haha crazy is always scurrying around, as active as its mother. but i feel so bad cos yesterday i tried putting it into Amber’s cage with her to make friends, and then silly Amber pounced on it and started attacking the daylights out of poor crazy.

wth i was so shocked that i started shouting at the pair of them, haha as if they were kids fighting over the slide at the playground. but Amber’s fiery attacks did not cease, so i pulled her and threw her out of the cage. i was so scared to touch crazy for awhile, in case i found wounds or smt, but luckily, she was fine and immediately began jumping into the food bowl for a snack.

what a silly Amber. so fat and lazy, its so hard to imagine that she’d be capable of murder.




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