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note to self: next time must bbq if staying at chalet, because the smell of bbq in various other chalets at 6pm really makes my stomach growl like a beast.

instead, we went to a place called beach culture, just off pasir ris road (near home team chalet) for dinner and to watch the man utd match against middlesborough.

food there is really pricey (heart really ached when the bill came) though not that spectacular. i think i’d rather pay $40 for chilli crab than pasta. i also felt adventurous and tried the jack daniels + chocolate ice-cream cocktail.

wah lao kns, cant even suck anything through the straw because they decided to ice blend the alcohol with the ice-cream.

haha sorry la, but i thought it was going to be like served coke-float style. and the alcohol was too bitter for the chocolate ice-cream to mask the taste. i was sucking so hard all thoughout the 2nd half that i became super bloated with more air than food. haha bleah, never again! next time i’ll opt for something normal like lychee martini.

went back to sleep at 12am after unsuccessfully staying awake to watch The Sentinel. unfortunately, the motley crew next door were making so much damn noise at their bbq, that echoed right through the un-soundproof toilet of the room. wtf i wake up at 430am to pee also can hear them. got so much to talk about meh?

must be no more people at the chalet exit for them to leave the place, then their chalet also already crammed with 30 bodies on 2 sleeping bags and 4 mattresses. so sit outside and talk loud loud to wake everybody else up.

ooh something tells me that im starting to become a naggy boring adult who has retired from late nights and is now scoffing at the younger crowd who become a nuisance in the wee hours of the morning.

haha oh ya and the downtown east pool is really not bad! except got too many pasty-white and bone-thin ah bengs from the eastside who pay $1 to enter the chalet and use the pool, and totally pollute it with their gatsby hair gel.

too bad i was wearing contacts, so i couldnt dive underwater to look at people through the glass panel in the swimming pool, just to see how a sea lion feels like. strangely enough, they placed a warning sign on top of the glass panel that read:

‘this area is monitered by a survellience camera. any persons caught exposing themselves will be arrested’

hahaha what if it was unintentional??!


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