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somebody please please freeze time this moment. just yesterday it was 3 days more and now its frigging 2 days more!

rarr anyway going to take a little holiday at a cheapo destination of downtown east costa sands to really make the most of the last days of freedom. after which its a strict regime of 9-6 work days for the next 3 months.

i bet that will make my boss very happy. she’s rather anal sometimes. when im at work, i finish all the work so quickly that she chides me for giving her stress, having to think of more things for me to do. yet when ask to take off, she gives me a very displeasing approval, reminding me that there’s alot to be done in the office.

so excited about downtown east getaway! haha the rooms will be much more decent that stupid pasir ris ones and there’s so many food places to go to without spending an insane amount on bbq. plus there’s free www tickets AGAIN! haha im seriously quite sian of the place already.

most of all, downtown east has a real swimming pool with see through glass panels, such that you might have to worry about adjusting your wedgie underwater because everything would be visible from the main entrance. haha must must get a tan while at it!

i mean, while at swimming and not adjusting wedgie

bur right now, got 2 hours of tuition to get through. 12 years of school life has taught me to stone very well. when my student does her work, i’ll be looking out of the window and counting how many mini coopers speed past on the expressway.


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