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my tutee grinned at me today and for the first time, i realised that she had 2 little silver beads between her 2 front teeth. at first i thought they were some special sweet that she was sucking on and accidentally had it stuck there. but 5 minutes later, the 2 beads were still there. so i wondered if maybe braces had become so high tech and 2 beads were all it needed for crooked teeth to be corrected. and then, i bloody realised it was an upper lip piercing.

zomg like isnt that one hell of a painful experience to pierce your lip? ulcers are already like a bitch. i’d have a sore throat rather than an ulcer any day. cant imagine having a permanent ulcer on my lip.

so for the next hour, as she did her tys, i kept biting at my upper lip while trying to imagine the immense pain of having it pierced.

then i couldnt tahan, so i asked her how she manages to hide it away in school. i thought like if you must take out (like 2nd piercing) then how the hell do you put the damn lip ring back again! somemore its like on the inside of her upper lip, so its like quite hard to locate the hole again right?

so she says she just flips it up.

huhhh so uncomfortable! hahaha my 2nd piercing is already bleeding and pus-ing so much even after having the same earring on for 2 months. removed it to let the earhole rest and the bloody thing closes up halfway. so i had to pierce it right back one day in the office. knn got quite abit of blood then i felt faint, so sat down for a long while on the toilet bowl trying to recuperate.

havoc sia, sec 3 only leh. thats just in addition to the fact that she doesnt do my homework. hahaha but as long as im getting paid, i honestly dont care.


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