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awww i miss AC so much. definitely wished that i were more into funorama when it was my turn 2 years ago. we simply had a disgusting stall with disgusting prizes and disgusting sales. hahaha couldve done better if we had soccer ball games, cos its so bloody addictive that people would be willing to come back again and again to wish the mighty top prize – IPOD TOUCH!

can you imagine, our fricking top prize was a medium-large sheep stuff toy, that was won by one of our classmates. like wtf whats the damn point?

anw funorama XIX was lucky in the first part of the day because it was so hot and sunny. you’d think that with the resources pooled by the wealthy alumni members, AC would be able to afford cloud-seeding the day before so it wont rain today (like they do on the day before national day)




the band that was more noise than music

haha and at 3pm, we all went to watch saw lynn getting dunked. wth we had to wait like 25091758932 hours for everyone to raise $1000 just to get him onto the dunking machine. what a ripoff!



lol then 3 J3s had their luck at dunking saw lynn. xiang un went 2nd and attempted to seek revenge because of his unsatisfactory geog grades. but he was miserably unsuccessful, leaving saw lynn gloating while seated on the wobbly machine.

but then bobby came along and pleased the crowd by sending saw lynn into the water. haha nice one. took a video of it and trying to upload on youtube now. but damn bad quality, hope i get to put it up.

mat and i spent like $50 together the entire day la. wthhh! haha we had a couple of failed tries at the football, the coconut bowling, hockey, and hole-throwing booths to win their top prize. so we went back with a whole lot of fruitella gummy sweets, a spongebob magnet and a doggy balloon!



he’s called mr doggy dog dog, and he’s shrivelled to half his original size now ):

we had kenny rogers mac and cheese to eat, plus some nice omelette with noodles in it. wanted to go back for kenny rogers ice lemon tea but it was sold out within 10 minutes from buying mac and cheese wtf! so we consoled ourselves with apple crumble and grapefruit (yuck!) gelato, and tiramisu.

had disgusting lime + pineapple jelly at the hub. looked like pina colada but tasted worse than cough medicine. dont understand how anyone could ever approve the sale of stuff like that.

wonder where where the kripsy kremes this year? i was really looking forward to that but all i saw was a bunch of overnight, unappetizing donuts at the hub. ew.

and some parent tried to sell stupid home-made lasagne for $20. wtf got pearl inside or what?


yay! (:

ay, feeling rather sad about sad things tonight. if only they would all just go away without me having to deal with it. it kills me inside everyday to think about it. why not choose someone else?
and i didnt get the scholarship, nobody called me. even though it isnt surprising, it still is disappointing.


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