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cant believe i was naive enought to think that i had a chance. hahaha im quite sure that i didnt qualify for the open pcs scholarship, so now comes the ministry scholarship – which is still okay, but i think i didnt even get that cos the only ministry scholarship that has gotten back to me was my third choice- teaching.

and honestly, teaching isnt my cup of tea. kids not paying attention in class or drawing on the back of my skirt will send me bursting into tears. in 2 days i would have retired from the profession. so a scholarship just means a bond. no way am i going to be bonded to teaching chinese for 5 years.

aiyar, so sad. but i dont have a reason to be sad since my cca records never made me a worthy candidate for it anyway :/

just thought you know, maybe there was a little little hope that they’d overlook my less-than-impressive cca records and give me credit for my results and essay.

guess not then?


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