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PSC might be calling sometime this week to let shortlisted candidates know if they are eligible to attend the interview. somehow, despite submitting a beautifully written essay proclaiming all the values that i belief in, i doubt 4As will actually stand out among the million others who want to get an MOH scholarship and have more As than the number of babies born annually in China.

nonetheless, i am still hopeful, because my friend tells me that MOH gives out scholarships like Macdonalds discount coupons. so im going to see whether that is correct. haha

anyhow, april 10th is approaching fast and i am depressed to see him go. i know 2 weeks isnt alot but its the hours that really become harder to pass alone.

maybe i’ll do meaningful things during the time that im stuck at home with absolutely nothing to do.

like um…

1. raise 3 baby hamsters
2. go to the library and hunt down the elusive collection of Gossip Girl books that keep going out on loan
3. eat less. i want to see the comforting 48 kg again on the weighing scale.
4. write a novel about poetic ramblings of a depressed lunatic
5. go to work everyday
6. earn money and buy more clothes to keep me happy
7. type useful bio and chem notes for my student
8. do bio and chem tys again

yes, a very fruitful 2 weeks indeed!


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