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haha sorry about the bad resolution. i simply had to whip out my lousy camera phone to snap a picture of this while browsing at a dodgy VCD shop at sengkang MRT.

okay la, i mean i got to give the person credit for putting all those unknown actors and actresses that are quite nicely dressed up in the background, making it look like a truly geniune ancient dragon mythical flick.

but WTF? hermione with photoshopped enlarged boobs is just a telling sign of a cover up for a porn flick inside.


i mean, look at this. she was still a decent C cup in her yule ball dress, and still lacking cleavage. but in the fake dvd cover, its like fricking maximised double Ds or something. needless to say, haha it makes her sweet grin look sort of suggestive when there are all these old rugged man, and a lesbian-looking lady, posing behind her.

seriously, LTA should do something about dodgy VCD shops that sell pirated and cover-up porno. imagine a kid who is really broke and who really likes to watch dragon shows like eragon! and him, thinking that this is some kickass cheap show where a girl rescues a dragon from the volcanos and wears it around her neck, giving her strange urges to ride on the dragon and disappear (-okok, too LOTR), buys the dvd and ends up watching some grainy video of private parts.

poor boy’s mind is scarred for life. and then he’ll stash the arousing video underneath his bed and take it out to watch it again and again. before long, he’ll be addicted to masturbation and become impotent in the long run.


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