nus open house

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to begin with, nus open house was awfully boring. the campus was so old and crowded with so many people that in a span of half and hour, i recognised at least 10 people who went to school with me in the last 12 years of my life.

even the strange temperamental girl in my primary 3 class who was really good at drawing but always cried when someone made fun of her, or threw really bad diva tempers if you refused to let her in onto a secret.

the CCA exhibition centre was so out of place because everyone couldnt care less about CCAs since the word ‘compulsory’ was no longer in the picture. watching three poor studious people slumped at a booth with a bowl of free cheezels made me feel so guilty that i didnt even want to take a free packet from them.

actually, the only awesome thing about it was the plentiful freebies. pens and balloons and post-its and notepads! omg! they really bring out the cheapo monster in me!

going for the faculty of science talk to find out more about pharmacy was also useless, because the dean focused a whole lot more of things that i was too stupid for. like the universitys scholarship program and double degrees and phDs and masters and a bunch of dead men who won nobel prizes.

boringgg.. so walked out of it.

after seeing so many people there, i really wonder if i can really get my place in pharmacy. if not then i will become a nurse and have to bite my lip to prevent myself from going out cold when im drawing blood from patients.


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