the dilemma of an in betweener

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honestly, i realised my results are somewhat only satisfactory. it is the sad sad reality that has began to sink in when i realise that i wont even be able to get into competitive courses such as medicine and dentistry despite having a perfect score for my 4 content subjects. because there are always other people with As for GP, PW and a motherload of H3 subjects in addition to their 4 core As.

and at first my parents were happy with what i got – i guess they still are. but then came along all the random stories of freakshow sons and daughters of friends who are getting As for H3 history in addition to an entire luggage of As, and who are trying out for medicine.

one auntie of a freakshow boy even boasted, though ignorantly, that her nephew was already confirmed a place in medicine NUS because he had gone to see the head of NUH and has a work attachment there.

like huh, no link la.
there is still the NUS interview to get through what.

so then my mummy asked me why i didnt want to try for medicine. and despite my standard reasons being that i am truly scared of blood, i kind of felt bad for not being smarter so that she could boast about having a daughter in med school.

and then comes the next subtle plea for me to take up the next most prestigious medical profession, a dentist. but even dentist has to do surgery so i dont think i’ll be too comfortable with that. can you imagine fainting just as you are extracting someone’s bloody wisdom tooth?

although i would like to do braces and make lots of money. every appointment with my orthodontist last time cost me $50. and all she did was poke around and give me a whole lot of extra pain for the rest of the week.

i do still want to be a pharmacist. pharmacists make lots of money too, apparently. haha but im afraid that the course content will get dry. or worse still, that my job will be absolutely dull and not high-paying. i see pharmacists at Guardian and they always look like they are going to pour an entire bottle of laxatives down their throats any time.

then theres nursing. which would be my 2nd or 3rd choice. nursing is great because my mum’s one. but it also means contact with blood in daily course of work. no no not good at this point in time. i couldnt even stand straight while observing wound cleaning at work attachment. cant imagine having to do it.

think im going to go do my uni applications now

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