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what if i am the only retard in my row who doesnt go onstage?

what if i get ABBDE and will no longer need to consider pharmacy as an option?

what if the whole bloody class gets A for a subject like bio or chem and im the only idiot who brings the MSG down to a 1.5??

what if the principal annouces that econs and gp was heavily moderated and yet i still get Ds or Es for both subjects?

what if, despite my 80% confidence of expecting an A for maths (and only maths), i get a B for that subject?

what if my parents are disappointed in me?

words cant even describe the way im feeling right now. there is so much fear of having to relive the horrifying moment when i saw my chinese A level results and immediately decided that i could not have possibly gotten a C.

okok time to go.


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