doomsday II

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haha omg the feeling of fear is truly crippling. i was nearly paralysed with anxiety on the way to school, having to breathe more often in short asthmatic breaths.

for once in my whole college life, kelvyna chan finally gave a speech that was less than 10 minutes long, before proceeding to annouce the top scorers for arts and science. and then it was a dreadful descent from annoucing the names of people who got 7 distinctions to those with 3 distinctions.

7 distinctions

count count count: GP, econs, maths, bio, chem, pw, chinese. okay la got 7. but kns chinese and pw both cannot already.

6 distinctions

skip please.
ZOMG melinda khong the smarty pants got called up!!!! everyone squeezed to accommodate her wiggling out to get onstage. and soon, it was ronalds turn to get up there. haha suddenly, i began to feel the bloody tension building up.

5 distinctions

possible right? i have just enough subjects to make the cut, even though it was an absolutely insane thought since i completely screwed up GP and econs.

ZOMG cassy the smarty pants also went up!!

wah laooooooo my friends are all gone ):

4 distinctions

sian la, dont want to clap already. i wait for the next round of 3 distinctions la.
what if i dont go on stage?


haha and then it was a realisation that i was called up onstage. so clumsily wiggled my way past joel, kenny and renard and went to shake hands with kelvyna chan. by then there was so many people on stage so everyone was clogged up with patrick sum at the side. there, i met jasmine, who didnt even know why she was coming up for hahaha.

awfully thankful that i managed to get what i got. couldnt ever imagine the idea of being onstage with all my friends and shouting “AC” so jubilantly at the camera -tried to get near Eechong, the top scorer, so that i’d have a guranteed chance of being in the picture. but he moved so fast away haha

later when we got offstage, we fought our way through the crowds to collect our slips. so realised the B was for GP hahahaha and wtf A FOR ECONS?!?!?!?!

nonsense la right?

hahahahha still cant believe it dammit, but im not complaining lol. luckily my 3 draining hours sitting in the exam hall wasnt wasted. anyway, i expected to get like D for GP and econs so it really was a big big surprise.

then called my mummy and told her about my results. so now i might have a chance of convincing my delighted parents to buy me a new laptop! ((:

nonetheless, i do hope that i will get into pharmacy and actually like it.

lol btw i won myself some stupid $100 brands essence hamper in ST’s mind your body. ahhaa when the woman called me, i thought it was stupid cassy trying to play a prank on me again. wah lao drink chicken essence until can die la. i dont even like it in the first place.


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