2 girls, 1 cage

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ever heard about the horrific video 2 girls, 1 cup? apparently its bloody gross and it features 2 sluts getting it on by eating each others puke and shit.

haha actually thats what i heard la. i was so scared to watch the video. anyway you cant really find it on youtube anymore. profit-making porn sites put it up on an official 2girls1cup.com site where you have to pay for porn in other to watch the disgusting video. i rather buy um- ok there are actually alot of things that my money is better spent on rather than a stupid subscription to offensive visual content.

so then, i went hamster hunting today! and i apparently have another hamster added to my collection. shes called Leah! thats pronouced Lee-ya and not Leee.

but Leah is currently residing with mat’s currently nameless female hamster in a damn awesome crib. the cage is like part of an exclusive brand of cages called Habitrail. and a hamster living in a Habitrail cage is like a girl with a louis vuitton bag.

there are all sorts of extensions that you can add to the flexible cage. like pimp my crib! can add like a monster HUGE running wheel which looks like a pokemon ball.


see. here is the basic Habitrail safari cage that mat bought.


its already kind of big for 2 hamsters to live in, although fatter Leah keeps hogging the running wheel and so un-named hamster keeps fighting with her. in doing so, making some disturbing squealing noises that i have never ever heard from Amber.

am glad that Leah does not know Amber just yet.

anw, with the basic cage set, if you are rich and feel like wasting alot of money on your hamster, it ends up having a house that looks like this.


haha how not to get lost right? if my house had so many damn things to climb, i’ll just succumb to exhaustion and slide all the way down those transparent tunnels to my death. well maybe..i was a hamster in my previous life. and maybe thats how i died.

wah lao, but the hamster will have more fun that i’d ever have at Fun Dazzle. (ha ha i bet only a handful of people will remember that place)

but so fun..

maybe Amber has dreams about living in a Habitrail alot, thats why she’s always sleeping in a dingy corner of her tiny cage and refusing to wake up to face her sad reality.


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