tragic tale

i was on my way home, at the newton bus stop, feeling completely frustrated like any other normal kiasu working singaporean that tries to chiong for everything from traffic light crossings, to MRT trains, to MRT gates, and to boaring the buses.

and sitting on the marble seat in front of me, was a stick thin girl with really nice hair. so while i was oggling at her hair, i was wondering where the stupid cigarette stench was coming from. people who smoke in bus stops should really be shoved onto the underside of bus tyres and rolled over repeatedly. bloody making everyone inhale second hand smoke only.

that goes the same for rude chiongsters who push the people who have initially stepped out of a crowded train to let others out, leaving them poorly stranded outside when the train leaves, in return for their act of kindness and courtesy.

so anyway, i backed away to avoid breathing anymore of that shit, thus saving myself a considerable amount of years of my rapidly shortening lifespan from too much chicken rice.

and there i saw, the skinny girl flicking her cigarette ashes all over the ground. and i thought,
‘fucking bitch ought to be burnt alive by her cigarette smoke!!!’

but then she turned her head to the side, and to my horror, (but not to my surprise), i realised that it was someone i went to school with.

im telling you, its hard not to judge someone who has the complete hedonistic lifestyle – cigs, vodka, and daddy’s credit card. knowing how she used to be in sec sch, (though i never did bother to make friends with her because i hated her airs) its still damn tragic to see her wasting her life away like that.

blame it on peer pressure,
because thats what brings in the glorious lifestyle of clubbing into the wee hours of the night, and intoxicating oneself with so much alcohol just to see whether it lands them in rehab.

blame in on being rich,
because poor people definitely dont have that much money to spend a bomb just to get high.

but definitely blame it on personal choice and sensibility,
or the lack of it, really. its quite okay to club and to smoke but if there is some sensibility left in you, you’d know not to smoke in a crowded bus stop, and flick all your stupid exhausted cigarette ashes next to 2 primary school boys seated within half a metre from you.

i didnt bother to say hi, because i knew she’d have too much nicotine in her pupils and alcohol in her veins to recognise me. and even if she did, she’d probably snub me, like she has before.

perhaps i am in no position to judge her because i do not understand a lifestyle like that in the first place. oh well, you’ll be the judge then. but i still think shes a real bitch for smoking in a bus stop lol.

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